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Project “The Center of Children Technical Creation”

Stricture of The Principled Educational Program
Groups of electronics




Mastered processes
(operational-thought layer)
Organization of works. Definition of the purposes


Development of the detailed design, projection, designing,  organization of works, research, experimentation, purposes self-definition. Development of the detailed design, purposes self-definition, projection, designing, organization of works, research, make an examination, experimentation, project appraisal, problematization Development of the detailed design, design, purposes self-definition, projection, designing, organization of works, research, experimentation, project appraisal, author supervision, problematization, sit-analysis, realization
Activity processes
(layer of activity)
Disassembly of the old circuits. Manufacturing of stands both simple linear circuits and circuits with SC-elements Development of the base electronic circuits, electrical measurements, actions with the scheme and on the scheme Projection and manufacturing of simple robots Designing and manufacturing of commodity samples of different electronic devices
Subject material
(subject knowledge layer)
The laws of electrical engineering, electrical sizes and simple measurements, electronic elements, physics of semiconductors, semi-conductor devices: work with tools and materials; accompanying subjects (physics, mathematics) Properties and parameters SC- devices, function of SC-devices, modes of operations, accounts of the circuits. Development of principles of a robotics and combination of the base electronic circuits. Complex electrical measurements. The mechanics of robots. Everything, that is required

The explanatory:

1. On a horizontal from left to right - step of growth of the competence, on a vertical - three layers of the Program. The layers are connected via reflexive position (Re). Processes, which are started from this position and represent itself as tools of thinking, are shown at the left in a framework. In the beginning this position is occupied by the teacher, then the schoolboys join it in process of mastering by these tools.
2. At today's school the educational process covers only bottom layer, as creates difficult pedagogical problems.
The top layer is in opposition to bottom: "I for itself, irrespective of concrete mastered activity" and "I as the agent of concrete activity, on which becomes mine I". This opposition is motor of the Program.
3. The progress till steps of the competence depends not so much on time of training and mastered subject knowledge, how much from mastering thought tools and technologies of their use in thought operations (top layer).
4. Three groups now work: beginning (at the first step of the competence) and 2 continuing (at the second step of the competence).
5. In each of groups of ability and preparation of children are not identical, individual training therefore is used.
6.The study begin at 16.00 (after school) and come to an end at 19.30, twice per one week.