Nadia Slavin of blessed memory

Dr. Leschinsky Lubov
Modus Centr for Advanced Learning, Pedagogical Research and Advising(Karmiel)

Democracy as way of life at school, at home, in the world

The basic concept of the Modus Center is t establishing partner relationship between the links - administrator, teacher, parent, - who are united by a common goal, which is to acquire the techniques of democratic way of thinking, attain the skills of democratic behavior and communication, master creative, humanistic approach towards the reality.

The main problem is to reveal the condition required to make a person – child and adult – from reflexive thinking, acquire skills of democratic behavior and communication; attain creative, humanistic approach towards the reality.

The content of the goal realization is the system of active educating by L. Vygotsky, D. Elkonin, V. Davydov, that assumes forming the child as the subject of activities, such as games, learning, labor, creative work; acquiring ability perceived as the ability to formulate one’s own learning goal, the ability to properly plan this goal’s realization ; forming of the ability to accept and fix the way of reaching this learning goal.

Leading teaching method is research that enables to activate: realization of one’s goal and position, the ability to participate in dialogue and polylogue, the ability to stand up for one’s opinion, to understand the other’s position: the ability to communicate – listen, hear, understand himself and the other; the ability to nonviolently solve conflicts; formation of child and adult as subjects of activities, as successful, self-precious, self-sufficient Me; understanding and accepting of the You as successful, self-precious, self-sufficient; development of imagination as a basis for any type of activity – games, learning, labor, creative work, - as a basis for forming of the successful Self image, as a basis for acquiring creative attitude towards the reality.

Democracy is grasped by the Center as way of life – as the goal, the condition, the means and the content of learning.

The day-to-day work of the Modus Center shows that when democratic skills and abilities are purposefully formed, the share of those mastering democratic thinking, of those behaving in democratic ways and communicating in non-manipulative methods, of those creatively perceiving the reality, is over 60%.

Educational Model of the Modus Center