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Conference “Alternative Education: the Way to Integrate into Life”


This is the collection of papers pre- sented to the scientific Conference Alternative Education: the Way to Integrate into Life” held by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Arad in November 2000 in the town of Arad, Israel.

Scientists, instructors and teachers from various cities of Israel who repatriated from the former USSR contributed to the Conference and to this collection of papers.

The participants of the Conference are very grateful to the Israeli Ministry of Absorption that sponsored the Conference.

Editorial board:
Gregory Nisenboim
Director Scientific & Educational Dept.

Translated by
Roman Stroozer,
Prof. Vilen Belyi

Editorial board of the Conference "System Approach, System Methodology and their Practical Applications to Problems Solving in Israel and Middle East"
thanks the authors and mister G. Nisenboim for an opportunity to publish these materials.


1. Gregory Nisenboim
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
Scientific Schools for Children as a Bright and Effective Way of work with Schoolchildren.

2. Dr. Anatoly Kazarnovsky
Kastal, Petah-Tiqwa
On the Way to the Conception of New Education (Notes)

3. Dr. Valentina Danilchenko
Problem of the Development of Critical Thinking in Global Educational

4. Dr. Vladimir M. Sokol
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
Education as a System of Standards

5. Leonid Rotshtein
School Model Oriented to Making Personality

6. Arkady Kogan
“Impuls”, Beer-Sheva
The Psychological Providing Address’s Teaching

7. Prof. Nikolay Vaitzman
Kfar Saba
Growth and Activation of Creative Thinking in Schoolchildren

8. Dr. Lubov Leschinsky
Karmiel, Modus Center for Advanced Learning, Pedagogical Research and Advising
Democracy as way of life at school, at home, in the world

9. Dr. Sh. Labzovsky
Sapir Academic College,
Y. Nahushtan
Thinking and Learning Programs Development,L.T.D.,
On Mathematics Teaching Purposes in elementary and secondary school

10. I. Khavkin
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
To Mathematics through Computer and through Mathematics to Programming

11. Prof. M. Bank, Dr. V. Tsingouz, Dr. A.Babushkin
Department of Communication Engineering Holon Academic Institute of Technology
Using of Computer Means to Improve Efficiency of Training

12. Dr. V. Tsingouz, Prof. M. Bank
Department of Communication Engineering, Holon Academic Institute of Technology
Interactive Computer Based Training System

13.  Natalya Kogan
Amutat “Impuls”, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Psychology Aspects of Information science training

14. Dr. Yu. Sukhanov
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
Development Dynamic 3D Ideas Using Computer Graphics

15. Dr. A. Senderikhin
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
Deduction of the Gravitational Pull Based on Two Kepler’s Laws (A New Methodical Project) (zip file 35 kb)

16. Dr. Alexander Zakharov
Institute for Advanced Science in Arad
Technique of Teaching Vector Variables Using Buoyancy Force as an Example