Prof. M. Bank, Dr. V. Tsingouz, Dr. A.Babushkin
Department of Communication Engineering
Holon Academic Institute of Technology

Using of Computer Means to Improve Efficiency of Training

Partial, and sometimes entire computer-based training (training in the “virtual medium”) had become the means to improve quality and efficiency of teaching process. The term “virtual medium” we mean as a set of computer programs to provide executing of some or all object functions of the studying object and as a set of means which realize the training process.

Efficiency of simulation modeling for teaching process is provided by the functional fullness (completeness) of simulation programs and by the set of means named User Interface.

Let us discuss the subject in detail. In Picture1 we represent components which

influence the efficiency of computer-based training. There are three directions:

The mentioned directions include practically all sides of interaction between teacher and student in the teaching process (“virtual teacher”).

As a rule, everyone, who uses computer-based training programs, aims at the materials he studies. Therefore the task of the author of a computer- based training program to enhance the material at the item which is more important, to make a student comprehend the stated ideas. The expressive voice and visual means permit to solve this task.

In Pictures 2 and 3 two versions of same topic are represented. It seems that

Density of picture elements and their allocations differ. In the report we analyze advantages and disadvantages of these versions.

The space of screen must be organized in accordance with such rules:

(in accordance with teacher’s will) section of the screen space.

In some cases, When the student wishes to choose the part of material, to execute experiment for varying parameters of system, to learn in detail some particularities. In these cases we use manywindows screen space.

In the report we analyze methods of representation visual information in the manywindows screen space, means to attract the attention of the spectator, means to emphasize some necessary item.

Efficiency of computer- based training process

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3